LA-Based R&B artist Lucy Park discusses her genre-less style, how her sound has evolved, and everything you need to know about her newest single

R&B, alt-pop songstress Lucy Park is back with another soon-to-be-a-hit single called “Brighter Days”. The tune was is about finding a better headspace and leaning on those around you when you’re stuck in a rut. In Lucy’s words, it’s a “thank you to her friends and family”.

From focusing on making it to class on time a matter of months ago, Lucy is now focused on her full-time role as an artist. The sky is the limit for her, given she was able to amass over 350K+ monthly listeners as a part-time artist. I can only imagine where her musical journey is headed from here.

Lucy’s music is effortlessly smooth; creating a meaningful story behind simple, yet elegant backdrops. This song is particular fools you with light acoustics at the start, but soon surprises you with quite an addicting hi-hat combo. Her lyrical stance is candidly poetic as well:

Plan to take a trip away from old me
We could skinny dip but make it holy
You’re the antidote to feeling lonely
But I live in Hollywood

As a young artist, she is certainly one to look out for….. if you haven’t already.

Another huge thank you to Lucy for her time (during rehearsal). We can’t wait for the upcoming Brighter Days visuals for an already classic tune. AND IF YOU’RE IN LA GO SEE LUCY ON SATURDAY… more details on the After Dinner Records Instagram page.

“Thank you all for being a part of this. ‘Brighter Days’ is about finding yourself in a better headspace than you were before and reflecting on positive changes and those who supported you through them. I hope you’ve all been well this past year, and cheers to the many brighter days ahead”

Lucy Park

Beautifully said