My favorite kind of artist is one where you think you have them figured out; you know their style, you know what to expect on new releases, and you have your favorite songs. The keyword here is think. What makes them so special is the fact that you haven’t even scratched the surface of their artistry. 070 is one of those artists for me… I’m surprised every time I Iisten to her projects.

Modus Vivendi, in particular, is one of those projects. In fact, I’ve written about that album multiple times: first pointing to “Morrow” as my favorite and then quickly switching to “Guilty Conscious” as I dove deeper.

Now onto my third transition, I think “Under The Moon” deserves 1st place. The first time I heard the song I immediately asked if it was a Weeknd song, given the high-powered synths and ominous, running beat. All it took was hearing the first line and I knew I was wrong. (you have to admit, Abel would make for a great feature on this one right?)

Under The Moon has everything for me, starting with her signature slightly distorted vocals and ending with her edgy, synthy production. You can hear the emotion so clearly in her music, which is why I’m so drawn to her as an artist. Please have a listen and see if you agree. If not, what is your favorite 070 Shake song?

Is the notion of me switching my favorite 070 song out of the question? Absolutely not. I’ll see you back here in a few months.