If you enjoy smooth soul-soaked vocals over simple, yet freeing production then I have the artist for you. If you’ve never been exposed to Canadien R&B artist Chiiild it’s all good because you’re about to be.

His music is dubbed as “Synthetic Soul,” which points to the evident electronic influence he draws from, but also comes from his debut EP back in 2020. On the same album is his most played song “Pirouette” and the close second “Count Me Out”. These two songs began turning heads and the rest is history. As he quickly approaches 1M monthly listeners one can only wonder how globally recognizable his music will soon become.

While thinking of which song I’d choose to highlight Chiiild’s genius I realized it was an impossible feat. That’s why I’m featuring several. Each song zeroes in on a different strength of his that makes him the generational artist that he is.

Gone (feat. Jensen McRae)

There’s two versions of “Gone”: 1 that sounds like a tad like something you’d hear from Mayer (slower and inward) and 1 more fast-alternative with leading female vocals from the everso talented Jensen McRae. I think their side0by-side vocals drive the lyrics forward, which is why this gets m


I need to be careful to say “favorite” because I know myself better than that (it changes weekly), but according to my lovely and definitely not annoying Spotify Wrapped this has 29 more plays than any other Chiiild song (Spotify Wrapped is strictly for research and analysis purposes). This and “Gone” both are on the up-tempo side, which the below tune is the complete opposite. The main reason this is my most played is because of it’s simplicity. Listen and you’ll know what I mean.


His most played song and rightfully so. Beginning off with a strange electronic organ melody, which quickly transitions into a dazed and woozy-like main beat; as soon as I heard it I was hooked. He also released a barebones, piano version that takes the tune to a completely new dimension. His vocals less distorted and more pronounced, creating an intimate setting. “Come swimming in your new sundress, blood-red like your new corvette” I don’t necessarily know what he means, but I like it.

I hope you find Chiiild as soothing as I do. He’s not only been my favorite artist of 2021, but he’s also broadened my genre-horizon and opened my ears to a different kind of music. Sometimes that’s simply what makes an artist so great.