The Canadien indie-rock group gets groovy in new music video for ‘Cosmic Saturation’

Picture this: long hair, satin overcoats, lennon shades, and cuffed chinos. I’ve just described the aura of Canadien indie rock group The Velveteins….. oh and they also rock the hell out of it.

Their look and vibe is no different in their just-released music video for their new single ‘Cosmic Saturation’. The video is shot in no better place than the desert Badlands of Canada and the scenery and venue selection is pretty unreal. The track isn’t too bad either: retro snare patterns, a harmonizing chorus, and mesmerizing guitar twangs come together as the fellas use the track as their own personal therapy session. The message: you can’t get too overwhelmed when a bad situation comes your way.

The boys have been steady producing music since 2014 and have amassed close to 100,000 monthly listeners and millions of streams. I can only image those numbers will keep rising (and fast).

We got to sit down with the band’s founder, Spencer, to chat all things Velveteins. A massive thanks to him for his time and participation.

Full dialogue below!

The Velveteins! What’s going on gentlemen? Where are we tuning in from?
In Edmonton! Canada. Frosty north!

We’ve been heavy into the catalog lately, going as far back as “Midnight Surf” and “Sunhat”. Phenomenal summer tunes.. shame Fall is right around the corner. Those two songs are from back in 2016… are those the first bodies of work you put out or does it go back even further? (aka when did the group start)
I (Spencer) started the band basically in high school (2014), however, we didn’t fully record and release any music until later in 2015.

Your new track “Cosmic Saturation” follows an pack of phenomenal tunes. Can you speak on the title a little bit and describe what the song is about?
Was listening to a lot of 60’s pop, and I think that definitely influenced the sound. The song itself is about being overwhelmed (saturated I guess ha) until loss of identity happens. That’s why the chorus sings ‘Is this really how I’m feeling’ as if the protagonist is unsure of how to recognize and define their emotions. 

Let’s talk about the music video.. where’d you shoot at? The setting looks like somewhere in the desert?
It’s in Alberta! A place called Drumheller, which is in an area coined the Badlands. Some serious sweet desert vibes.

Everything about your guys’ aura screams retro – the green velvet jacket, the all white suit, the Lennon shades, and especially your music. In your own words, what is it about the vintage nature that is so appealing and easy to gravitate towards? 
I think it’s partially unintentional, at least on our end. I personally listen to a lot of 60’s music and the aesthetic just simply appeals to me, which is reflected in our presentation. However, specifically for this video most of it is actually intentional. Ingrid, the director of the Cosmic video drew inspo from The Beatles magical mystery tour footage when she designed our wardrobe, so totally drawing influence right there. We just thought it was a cool vibe.

I’d love to see the track live – any plans to play some live venues anytime soon?
In Canada we are still unsure about how the pandemic will affect the live show industry, but we are hopeful to hit the road in spring 2022!

Well Chicago will gladly have you anytime…Chicago is a place we’ve strangely never played before. Would love to visit.

Thanks for chatting guys! I can’t wait to hear more Velveteins music soon. 
Thanks!!! Talk Soon!

The Velveteins bring quite the Deviate Persona.