Tobi @ Lolla 2021

Just two months ago Nigerian-American artist Tobi Lou was putting on the performance of a lifetime at Lollapalooza’s day stage right in his hometown… now he’s weeks (maybe days) away from releasing a shiny new album.

Tobi is redefining R&B: plain and simple. The sounds are wild and out-of-this-world, but the soul and overall vulnerability remains. I think that’s what draws so many people to his music and vibe – he’s different, but still relatable. His album Non-Parrishable is to be delivered soon, but he gave us a sneak peak last Tuesday with “WIDE Open”.

The song is a modern, synthed-out confessional love song. Complete with Tobi’s signature boppy beat, “WIDE Open” gives you a look into where his love life is at currently. The track is short and sweet, but that just makes you play it more and more….

WIDE Open cover

If you dig “WIDE Open”, I highly recommend checking out some of his other tunes. My personal favorites are “I Was Sad Last Night I’m Ok Now” (you know by now that I’m a sucker to switch-up songs) and “Just Keep Goin” – both have been in my rotation for the past few months.

Also be on the look out for his upcoming album Non-Parrishable. You can learn more about and give it a preorder at his very cryptic website. Expecting big things! In the meantime, turn this up and enjoy.