UK-based artist, Treasure, talks his brand new ‘demos and drafts’ project Plebeian

Allow me to introduce you to Kelvin Beyioku aka Treasure: electronic experimentalist extraordinaire.

City-moved-countryside artist Treasure is fresh off a 2-EP past year and is ready to prove that his experimental R&B has a home. I, for one, definitely think so.

Treasure has most recently hand-delivered a 7-track EP called Plebeian, a collection of unreleased ‘misfits’ that “deserve a home” according to Kelvin. However, in our opinion, we think his cluster of tracks fit together in their own harmonious way. They all weave a story of musical solace, something we all need at this point in time.

“Conversations With Friends” is a serene, “we’re all in this together” type of message told through a velvety acoustic scope. “What We Do in the Dark” taps into Treasures soul roots to tell a story of romantic temptations and “THE HEIST V2” caps off the project with an “particular sense of urgency that is absent from the rest of the project” (my personal favorite). He is pushing the boundaries without disrupting them.

When all is said and done, Treasure is proving that bedroom producing is still alive and well. Kelvin was gracious enough to give us an hour of his time to answer a handful of questions. He has a mission and is sticking to it.

See below for the entire dialogue!

Deviate: Kelvin! Great to have you on board man. How’s your week been?
Busy, stuck between working, traveling, and planning for the future!

Deviate: How open is the UK in terms of covid? Are you able to go out to bars and pubs or not so much…
Treasure: Depends where you are, where am based you can meet in outdoor pubs and gardens. You can even shop now but the majority of indoor activities/visits are still banned to my knowledge.

Deviate: When things start to open up do you plan on playing live right away? Or will you give it some time?
Treasure: I haven’t even played with the idea of a live show yet! On the other hand attending gigs and supporting artists is something on my to-do list as soon as possible!

Deviate: I was reading that you have quite the collection of Unreleased tunes…. is that the premise behind PLEBEIAN? 
Treasure: These are drafts and demos that I wanted people to hear before I move onto my next iteration.

Deviate: What track speaks to your point in life the most? Why do you think this is?
Treasure: Conversations with Friends. A lot of my peers are hitting that age where they’ve got to knuckle down and get on with life, as a consequence we’re all reminiscing about our pasts with rose-tinted glasses. I’m having a lot of conversations with friends where we attempt to grasp our dreams and aspirations through words. 

Deviate: Our most played track has been “THE HEIST V2”… there’s something about it that hits home for us. What about this track in particular stands out from the rest?
Treasure: The eclectic sonic palette, and the frantic production yet dynamic vocal touch. The track has a particular sense of urgency that’s absent from the rest of the project.

Deviate: What inanimate object describes you best? And why of course!

Treasure: My Lego Nissan GTR, because I don’t take life too seriously. 

Treasure is most certainly a Deviate.

Treasure is an absolute gem! Expect BIG things from the man in the coming year. Be sure to support PLEBEIAN and the rest of his catalog.