North Carolina-based WONDR is taking the internet (and race track) by storm with a brand new, high energy music video

Pop sensation WONDR is not just an artist… he’s also an avid racing fanatic: the custom coveralls, the 94 logo, and checkered flag cameos are all part of the brand. WONDR has always had a dream of intertwining his tunes directly with the racing scene and over the past few weeks he made that dream a reality.

He calls the music video a “4-year manifestation that came together in 4 days…. thanks to Facebook Marketplace” – we had to dig deeper into what he meant by this. We came to find out that 1 random Marketplace relationship was the basis for their whole video. Local driver Chuckie not only supplied them with a used vehicle, but also pulled some strings to get them into the Wake County Speedway as the backdrop to the entire video.

The video complements the song perfectly with energetic shots and picturesque driving scenes – videographer Roland DesLauriers nailed it.

WONDR @ Wake County Speedway

We asked WONDR for his take on the production and backstory of “Rich” and he had this to say:

“Rich” was produced by a friend from Morocco who found me on Twitter a few years back. The first and only song we’ve done together was my first song to hit a million streams on Spotify, “White Aston.” I have that same gut feeling today with “Rich” that I had back then. “Rich” is about being rich, but not necessarily in money or material things. Rich in love. The diamond bracelet is my relationship with the perfect person. Although I do want the money and opportunities that come with being an established artist, I will always put family and friends first. I know that memories are the most important thing we can retain, so I plan on making as many as I can with the people who believe in and support me the most.”

We are huge fans of WONDR’s mission, and growing up less than an hour from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, we are in full support of his racing dreams.

Check out the full video below and let us know what you think!