Twoaym talks balancing school and music, Unsolicited, and why we all need to “Kool” out

Columbus, Ohio is home to the multi-talented American rapper, songwriter and producer, Tiara Hill (known as Twoaym). Coming from a family full of musicians, Twoaym started creating at a young age by playing musical instruments such as drums, guitar, and piano. However, she played, and continues to play, them all by ear. Wild. This eventually lead up to her writing and recording rap verses by the age of 14. Twoaym keeps a close eye on the recording industry, inspiring her to get involved.

The soon-to-be-Toledo-grad recently released her debut single “Koolin,” and has received high praise from both Buzz Music and No Scripts Podcast. In 5 days we get more Twoaym tunes. In fact, and entire album that Tiara coined as Unsolicited material. 2 sides, 10 tracks. We can’t wait.

Twoaym has gained attention for her songwriting techniques from artists such as Jackie Jackson, producer extraordinaire B.A.M, and many more. The multi-faceted super talent is breaking down barriers fusing nostalgia with classic Hip-hop characteristics. She’s definitely one to watch in the coming months.

We got Tiara on Zoom for an hour to talk the pandemic’s effect on the music industry, why the name Unsolicited, and much more. Her approach to music is incredibly natural for an artist who just dipped her toes in. We think you’ll agree.

See below for the entire dialogue.

Deviate: Twoaym. Welcome! It’s great to have you.
Twoaym: Thank you for having me!

Deviate: Who is Twoaym?
Twoaym: Twoaym is Tiara Hill, she’s from Columbus, Ohio, and she is a songwriter, a producer, a rapper, and all around artist. I primarily started as a writer and have sort of grown and evolved into someone who’s more versatile. It’s been a fun journey!

Deviate: How was your holidays? You’re still in school, correct? I’d have to assume balancing school and music is quite the task.
Twoaym: They were great! Nice to come back to Columbus a relax a little… I’m going back to Toledo soon to finish up my last semester of school… I have two in-person classes so I can’t just stay here. I do plan on going to get my Masters after I graduate though… Berklee College of Music is at the top of my list. And yes! It definitely is a balancing act, but I try to stick to a strict schedule during the week. I take the first few days to get my school work wrapped up, and then the second half of the week is for writing, creating, and working on unfinished projects.

Deviate: How has the pandemic changed that schedule? Do you find that making music has been easier or harder during quarantine?
Twoaym: I think it’s become easier for me. I have more time to focus on creating and honing in on my sound. I’m sure a lot of artists share the same outlook… the industry is looking for new artists more than ever right now because they realize people finally have the time to perfect their craft. Like, I haven’t left my house in a week!

Deviate: Hey I definitely feel ya on that. I need to slowly coax myself back into “social mode” because it may be tough once things fully open back up.
Twoaym: No, exactly! I wake up, get out of bed, and then start writing. That’s been my schedule during quarantine and it’s working for me. People will need to adapt the same way we had to adapt during the beginning of the pandemic. And I think…

Twoaym’s cat starts playing with a toy

Twoaym: I’m sorry… he loves making noise with that toy. When he gets going, you usually can’t stop him

Deviate: Take us way back, when did you first begin your attraction to music?
Twoaym: When I was about 3 years old, I would always play drums. I remember being obsessed with the move Drumline, and I would imitate routines from that movie on my Little Tikes drum set. My brother played football, so I would be over on the sidelines banging on my Little Tikes, just going crazy. So the love of music started at a young age…my Mom would call me an “Old Soul” because I’d always want to listen to her music. I didn’t start writing until about High School, and that’s the time period when I began to fall in love with what I was capable of creating.

Cat starts in again

Christian, would you STOP! He loves those Christmas ball ornaments and they make the loudest noise I swear.

Deviate: I know you got involved in writing pretty early on. What ultimately made you want to get into recording your own work?
Twoaym: I think learning how to play instruments inspired me to want to create my own own work. I actually play most instruments by memory and by hearing the notes, rather than by reading them. I’d play anything from Billy Jean to Mozart on the piano and it’s all by ear. I still enjoy the production side of music, but currently I’m in writing mode. After the full album drops then I’m right back to writing because I do miss it to a certain extent.

Deviate: You released “Koolin” a few months ago…how has the reception been to your debut dingle?
Twoaym: It’s been so amazing! I get people I’ve never even met sliding up in my DMs telling me I have a dope sound, which is something I never thought would be possible. I monitor most of my streams on Apple Music and it’s been doing great…way better than I anticipated. It’s just bizarre for people to want to hear something that came from me. It’s my debut single, but it’s also a song about my life and my message. It’s mostly about not only myself, but how we all need to just “kool” down sometimes and look at life from a different perspective. We all need to focus on ourselves and our own inner peeace. If anyone is ever dealing with something.. I’m here for you. I’m always willing to slide up and talk about it.

Deviate: That’s extremely well said, and I think people will resonate with that same feeling. Continuing on Unsolicited, creating and finishing an entire album has to be incredibly fulfilling. If you were to dedicate this album to a person or group of people, who would they be?
Twoaym: It has to be my Mom… and I’m sure people will be like “ohhh that’s such a basic answer,” but it’s 100% true. My Mom has a great ear for music. If something doesn’t sound right she will let me know haha. I always run my music by her first to get her take. She’s done that for almost every song I’ve written. I know you only said 1 person, but I also want to dedicate it to my friends who’ve stuck by me through my battles with mental health. They’ve been so solid for me!


Deviate: A few days ago you posted on IG that you finished your album, Unsolicited. Why the name, and when is it dropping?
Twoaym: Yeah! That’s actually a great question…I was in between a few names, but this one made the most sense to me… for many reasons. You know how record labels receive unsolicited material? It’s the same concept, but translated to my life and based off how I feel right now. We never asked for the pandemic, or racial injustice, or negativity in general. It’s all unsolicited….it’s a very powerful word. I want to be at peace and live in harmony and music is a way for me to convey that.

Deviate: I know you do a lot of live streams… a live listening party of Unsolicited would be super cool.
Twoaym: Honestly, that’s a great idea…stay tuned on that front haha

Deviate: If you were to go back in time and tell your younger self 1 thing, what would it be?
Twoaym: Hmmm… I think it would be about my habit of procrastinating and being intimidated by the thought of failure. I would simply tell my younger self “DO IT”… don’t worry about what you think the outcome will be because you don’t know until you actually do it.

Fantastic advice for a LOT of people

Deviate: Tiara, fantastic getting to know you better. I’m so excited to hear the finished album!
Twoaym: Thank you again for having me. I’ll see you at the listening party! I can’t wait for everyone to hear it in full.

Twoaym is exactly a Deviate