We all remember planting ourself on the couch over summer break to watch hours of VH1 music videos. However, music videos definitely have taken a back seat over the past decade and to know fault of the artists. They are often expensive to shoot and no longer the focal point of song promotion.

UK-based startup Viktrs is looking to change that. Their technology “unlocks the dormant value of video through a discoverable, shoppable and explorable embed, solving audience curiosity seamlessly and instantaneously”. In other words, they realized what others didn’t: it’s about the who and the what. Viewers want to feel connected, which is unlocked thanks to Viktrs.

The interface (shown above) sports 4 tabs for audience exploration: Products, People, Gigs & Music, and Inspirations. From shopping in-video brands to connecting with services, locations, and creators – the traditional music video is no more. New engaging content for audiences, new revenue streams for humble artists, and new connects made between the artist and their community.

Viktrs recently released a project with Americana pop/rock singer-songwriter, Roisin O’Hagan and her video “Sunset Valley”.

When asked about the song and video she said it feels like “a love from the past that feels like unfinished business” Roisin also shared that “Sunset Valley and its characters are fictional but they tell a story I feel everyone can relate to; that first time you fall in love. Life moves on from your first heartbreak. People grow, move away from their hometown, chase dreams and meet new horizons. Yet, thinking back to the first time, can still bring you to that time, place and all its passion.” 

I immediately checked out the interface for myself and it’s as cool as it sounds. I could see brands/products used in the video and also connect with those involved in the creation process.

Check out their home site to learn more and also check out Roisin O’Hagan’s “Sunset Valley”.