Brother. is putting the alt indie scene on notice with their 3rd album Volume III.

The Utah-based group, comprised of Chuck Emery, Nathan Standage, Erika Goodwin, Scott Knutson and Elias Pratt, all share a love of creating meaningful, close-to-the-heart music. Their newest project Volume III is a strong testament to that. With consistent lyrical and instrumental themes throughout, the album looks to reinforce their collective craft.

The record is following up on their 2 previous Volumes (2016 & 2018), which got fantastic reviews from publications like Live Nation’s Ones to Watch, Clash, Earmilk, SPIN, Rolling Stone India, and many more. Led by flagship track “Oxidate” (273K+ streams), we get fresh flavors of new age indie rock with an underlying electronic feel.

“I would say most of these on the album came together by somewhat of a stream of consciousness with some planning. There are a couple of themes that recur throughout some of the tunes that are fun little easter eggs. A lot of the songs are lyrically sad but set to more upbeat music. We try to hint again at the sadness but throwing in a lot of descending instruments. Another theme is a lyric of mine that really resonates with me, “I never let you down so don’t you forget me now”. It was a lyric I used to throw into my older material but it is something that has never left me.”

Chuck Emery

Let’s breakdown some of my favorite tracks from the album:

Goodnight Girl

Goodnight girl has all the elements of a modern love song; the slowed down aura, romanced lyrics and repetitious chorus that is already stuck in my head… “you are my goodnight girl, you are my ride of die”. I think the track fits perfectly nestled in the middle of the album between bleach baby and EZ. Each of these three flow nicely from one to the other.


If there’s one song that fits the Fall into Winter transition, it’s EZ. There is something about the production aspects and the overall message that make me want to stay in and listen to music on my couch for hours. It’s a gentle reminder to simply “take it EZ” and not get caught up in the changing of the seasons (literally and figuratively). EZ also catches my attention because of the front-and-center synth pattern. Because If you know me, I like synths…a lot

Don’t Worry

My personal favorite on the project. Not only is this track the most unique out of the bunch, but you can tell what artists they draw their inspirations from. You easily see the Tame draw, but also hear twinges of dayglow, Goth Babe, and Porches. The ending is also mind-blowingly fun to listen to… big props to whatever band mate is manning the drums! 

Brother. recently wrapped up their Fall tour, but hope to make it back out on the road soon. In the meantime, be sure to stream Volume III and enjoy the music!