Baby’s All Right

To think that Toronto-based songwriter/producer Zach Farache made this EP when he was 19 years old is absolutely beyond me. This guy is insanely talented and his 8-track-EP “Thought Pool” shows that.

Most of the songs feature guitar-lead instrumentals behind his vocals (no features), but there’s one song in particular that throws that setup out the window. “Kick it”- a song about staying home, being inside your own head, and shunning the world (and my personal favorite) takes on the role of the eccentric. I love everything about this song and think it ties the entire EP together nicely.

I DM’d Zach as I was writing this, and he threw me some love…so naturally I like the guy. BUT…as I read one of his 2017 interviews with Elevator Mag, I appreciated him that much more. Some of his answers would make you think was making music for decades, and others had me cracking up. When asked “In a parallel universe, what would be your occupation,” he said “I’m like 90% sure I’d be a Pine Tree.” Another was his answer to “Who is your inspiration outside of music”: “Probably the guy who invented chocolate milk..dude that shit is the bomb.” We would get along 100%. Article here.