Quinn Brown

Quiet Bison makes me want to dive back into my teenage dream of making electronic music for a living: his music is fresh, it’s nuanced, and it makes you feel something.

I’ll be completely honest with you: I refused to believe Quiet Bison was not electronic powerhouse Flume’s alter-ego (similar to Marshmello & Dotcom or RL Grime & Clockwork). The writing was on the wall… the twisted and ripped apart synths, the same timely features (Reo Cragun?!), and most importantly, their 4D album art. Quiet Bison’s graphic designer Asher Marshall (catalog) and Flume’s Jonathan Zawada (catalog) both expert’s in the Cinema4D technology.

However, Quiet Bison and Flume are NOT the same person as much as I want them to be. So, let’s check out who QB really is.

Quiet Bison is home to Portland native Quinn Brown, who began making his splash in the contemporary-electronic scene at the age of 17 with his Trials and Tribulations EP – which landed him on Flume’s Hi this is Flume Spotify playlist. From then on, Quinn has been steadily putting out carefully crafted singles that will culminate with a MASSIVE debut album titled Dawn. Teaser: rumor is the album will hold 32 tracks… wow.

Quiet Bison’s music can only be described as eccentric. He specializes in creating sounds that conjure up specific feelings and that move the listener. Two of his most recent singles “Crash” feat. Madeline Duke and “Blight” feat. fortune are perfect examples of this.

“Crash” was released only a matter of weeks ago and features Madeline Duke’s high-pitched vocals next to Quinn’s high-pitched sythns and up-tempo drum line – a match made in heaven. The song makes you feel like you’re on a journey of some sort… I’m not sure what the end goal is, but that may be the point?

“Blight,” though equally as computerized, has a slower and softer feel to it. There’s more emotion in fortune’s vocals and less background distractions. Quinn is very deliberate in his creation so this makes sense to me.

I can’t wait for Dawn and to see what artistic direction he takes. If it’s anything like his past few singles it may be all I listen to in 2022.

Have a listen to the above tunes and enjoy!