My top 3 songs from Mallrat’s 11-song masterpiece.

It was a great weekend: the sun was out, the people were smiling, and Grace Shaw aka Mallrat dropped her 11-track album Butterfly Blue.

I think “worth the wait” is an understatement. Grace had promised an album long before it came to fruition, but her fans patiently knew it’s a process that should never be rushed. and wow, did Mallrat return the favor.

She’s been working up to this moment for the past 5 years, releasing Uninvited in 2017, followed shortly by In The Sky the year after (with hit song “Groceries”). Driving Music wasn’t far behind in 2019, which led to people wondering when the debut album was on it’s way. I think a far answer to that question is that it’s always been on the way; Grace’s sound has evolved so purely over the years and she’s finally at the point where she can show it off to the world.

See below for my top 3 songs on the album!

To Me
This is my favorite of the bunch for multiple reasons. First of all, I’ve always been a fan of her slower jams (although I firmly support her newly found “trap beat” phase). “To Me” isn’t as stripped away as past songs such as “Groceries” or “Charlie”, but it has the remnants of her old work which I love. Second, there’s an infectious wavy, hold your lighters up in the air nature to it. I just know this song would be epic in a live setting…. which will happen Oct 4th in Chicago.

Your Love
Of all her newly acquired trappy tunes “Your Love” takes it. The song features a halo-esque synthy background with booming 808s in which Mallrat takes full advantage of. The best part is still Gangsta Pat’s “Killa pt 2” playing out the song. When asked why the outro Mallrat explained her love of old Memphis rap at the time of creation. She doesn’t miss.

I had a tough time coming up with my 3rd favorite on the project because it changes daily; however, right now it’s probably “Teeth”. “Teeth” is an ode to the rockstar in Grace Shaw – lead by grungy guitar rifts and chaos. This song is also a perfect testament to the depth of Grace’s ability… she can switch it up with the best of them, but always keeps her Mallrat sound.

Do yourself a favor and cue up Butterfly Blue as you start your weekend. Mallrat for President.