More often than not, people view Spotify’s ‘monthly listeners’ count as a prerequisite for having good music; anything under a certain number and they immediately write that artist off. I’m here to warn you that Ordley is not an artist you’ll want to approach the same way.

Australian producer Ordley is currently introducing the world to a unique, captivating blend of melodic house music. If I had to put a comparison to his sound I’d say think of a mix between Duskus and Tourist, providing repetitive rhythms that still in your head long after the first listen. Upon listening to his debut string of singles I was hooked (go ahead and give “wildflowers” a listen).

Tonight at midnight he’ll be releasing his new single titled “we’re the last to leave” – a beautiful, uplifting song about resilience, drive, and the power of relationships. The track sees Ordley at the top of his game with its atmospheric soundscape, infectious grooves and memorable melody, all underpinned by his engaging vocals.

When asked about the inspiration behidn the tune Ordley had this to say:

“This is a song about conveying the tension from how we wish life would be and how it actually is, and the strains this can place on our romantic relationships as we find the resilience to keep going

“we’re the last to leave” is definitely only the beginning of a busy 2023 for the man down under. Ordley is establishing himself as one of the most exciting new voices in the indie-dance and melodic-house music scenes.

Please, for the love of god, go show Ordley some love and stream “we’re the last to leave” today.