Chillhum‘s name wasn’t chosen at random – each song immediately takes you to a place of peace and serenity.

The Colorado-based artist is altering the way we see alt-pop one song at a time. Often compared to the likes of Goth Babe, Still Woozy, and Louis the Child, Chillhum is deeply rooted in using electronic sounds to bring his music to life. His brand new double-single ‘snow’ / ‘listen along’ is does not deviate from his norm.

Chillhum briefly explains his recording process for the side-by-side singles:

“I actually recorded them in different places; ‘snow’ was written/recorded here in my apartment in Denver Colorado, and ‘listen along’ was actually mostly created while I was visiting my parents in Madison, Connecticut. I think the production and overall feeling makes them cohesive in a really cool way as a double single”.

The 2 tracks both share a common theme of reflection about the past and how to best learn from those experiences. They are also incredibly catchy from start to finish, utilizing a signature guitar-led groove atop background warped synths. The sounds he creates from meld together so perfectly.

His tandem singles are, however, quite different lyrically once you zoom in. Beginning with ‘snow,’ Chillhum takes a a more personal approach to his songwriting, recalling vivid flashbacks of him as a teenager becoming exposed to different genres of music. He reminisces on times of driving in the wintery, snow-filled months with his friend listening to reggae and electronic tunes. Both genres are definitely present in this half of the single, which is pretty cool.

‘listen along,’ on the other hand, is less personal and more observational. Chillhum paints a picture of a personality type: someone who claims to value artistic freedom, but is actually more ‘surface level’ than what meets the eye. The song is about taking feedback from this type of person at mere face value and trusting in your own vision as an artist.

We can’t wait to see what Chillhum drums up in 2022, but we know it’s going to be special. Go stream both “snow” and “listen along” now and make it a part of your Winter rotation.