Volume 3 has a heavy emphasis on artists who specialize in experimenting electronically.

A big thanks to Harry Nathan, Angus1, Colby Hansen, and A.G. Sully for taking the time to speak with me about their respective tracks. Their music has opened a ton of doors for myself and I have them to thank for it! Take a closer look at each artist’s comments below.

Harry Nathan – “I’m In Need”

Harry Nathan and Angus1 are here to deliver their first collaboration track titled “I’m In Need”. Ripe with that electronic experimentation that I was alluding to before. I am a huge fan of the music Harry has been putting out lately, specifically his house-laden work. Both Harry and Angus1 reflect on first meeting each other below:

“Introduced by a mutual friend, “I’m In Need” was written on the day that Angus1 and I first met. We sat in my kitchen eating French éclairs, lemon tarts and croque monsieur croissants whilst getting to know each other. This theme of longing emerged during our conversations, and that vibe was captured in the studio moments later. The press photos by Seiya Taguchi are a re-enactment of those circumstances.” – Harry Nathan

“Harry and I were put in touch by a mutual friend who knew we were both a little eccentric and had releases on Kitsuné Musique. I’d never made a track with someone I’d literally just met, but we found common ground really quickly and did just that. I think the song is a nice mid-point between our writing and production styles, and it didn’t hurt that Harry supplied me with pastries and booze either” -Angus1

Colby Hansen – “Just My Luck”

Colby Hansen’s “Just My Luck” comes off her recent album Everything but the Kitchen Sink, which is a body of work that is great from minute 1 all the way to the end. Truthfully, I could have been blind-folded and pointed to any song on the album to be selected for this playlist. They are ALL great and ALL fit the bill. Colby discusses her production process below.

“Just My Luck was a really neat collab with London based producer, Nathaniel Knowles, A.K.A The Spare Kid. He had followed me on Instagram over the pandemic in 2020. I listened through his 30 second chill beat clips on his Instagram page and thought “wow I’d love to add vocals to this production!” So I messaged him and asked if I could add vocals to one of his beats that he had said in his caption was inspired by The Gorillaz. He responded quickly and said yes and sent me the stems for the beat.

“Next I stripped down the percussion slightly and incorporated the booming bass drum and snare that hits 45 seconds into the song, following the volume/dynamic build up I built. I also added a couple of drum fills and the “Just My Luck” vocal sample which was recorded in my bedroom studio. I emailed Nate what I had done and he said he absolutely loved it! It was really cool to collaborate with someone in London that I had never even met before!” – Colby Hansen

A.G. Sully – “Lock My Door”

A.G. Sully is home to artist Ally Sullivan, who has been putting out great single after great single. I love A.G.’s “let’s kick some ass” mindset and drive. It propels her music forward and does the same for me upon listening. Ally lets on about the literal meaning behind the “Lock My Door” below.

“I wrote “Lock My Door” in the depths of a nightmare roommate situation. I was literally locking myself in my room when I’d get home. “Lock my door, close my windows, keep you away” is a literal phrase (HAHA), I was actually physically hiding from some girls that were just straight mean. I wanted the track to have a Solange meets Sonder feel to it, heavy pads/keys and layered vocals to help move and build it to the end, with super tight and real bass acting as the backbone” – A.G. Sully

Deviate & Chill Tracklist:

Amaria – Moon
Galimatias – Shy Dancer
BAYNK – go with u (Louis La Roche Remix)
Giraffage – Do U Want Me
Harry Nathan – I’m In Need (feat. Angus1)
A.G. Sully – Lock My Door
Colby Hansen – Just My Luck (feat. The Spare Kid)
Healy – Part of Me
Treasure – Feelings (feat. Maggy Lee)

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