Christian Beharie is humble, understated, and infectiously talented.

The other words, he’s the type of artist that you know will be special for years and years to come. The young Oslo native has been on fire lately, dropping multiple singles and a self titled EP all while taking classes at university like normal students. However, he’s far from normal..

Take his newest single “Simple Mistake” – a song inspired by a failed relationship and propelled by his need to express his feelings through music. I’ve been listening to the tune on repeat and each listen brings a new favorite aspect. It is the lyrics? Is it the catchy hook? or is it his new found tranquility? Admittedly, it’s probably all of them, which makes the single so good.

“What goes up, must come down, I don’t know it yet, but it’s taped to the ground”

I got the opportunity to toss Beharie a few questions while he travels city-to-city on his Euro Tour. Read on for the entire conversation!

Greetings from Chicago! How’re things over in Oslo? What have you been up to outside of music?

Hi! I’m Currently sitting in a van from Paris to Munich! In the middle of a European tour and really enjoying playing concerts! Other than playing concerts I’ve been sitting many hours in the van, reading, eating good food and being a tourist taking pictures of buildings.

Most artists have 1 defining moment they can recount where they think “this is my calling”. When did you discover you truly had a talent for storytelling through music?

It’s kind of weird but I never thought of songwriting as something I had access to, until some friends from high school asked if I wanted to join their band. I then had to  write a song for the first rehearsal. I think I kind of knew after the first time we were in the studio together at 17, that this was the coolest and most exciting thing to do.

“Simple Mistake” can be interpreted multiple ways if you really dig into the lyrics. In your own words, what is this song conveying?

It’s about me dating a guy. And even though I knew he was not the right one, I kept on going, hoping for the best. And that never turns out right.

I get BIG Frank Ocean vibes from this tune in particular (but also the rest of your catalog). Who would you say are your biggest inspirations to pull from?

Frank Ocean is definitely one of them. But also Michael Kiwanuka, Moses Sumney and Leon Bridges.

You’re no stranger to accolades in your young career, having received both a Spellemann AND Gaffa nomination. However, I’d like to talk about your upcoming spot on the American songwriter’s European tour. What are you looking forward to the most?

I’m actually in the middle of it now and really enjoying it! I love the feeling of going on stage. I don’t know the audience, the audience doesn’t know me. And I have half an hour to prove to them that I have something to say. I also like getting to see new cities every day. It’s a weird way of living, but really exciting as well.

What can you fans look forward to from Beharie in the back half of 2022?

New music! And more concerts with my crazy talented band.