Up-and-coming hyperpop artist Eleanor Kingston is back with her first of many singles over the span of 2022. I’m excited, she’s excited, and her fans are definitely excited, amassing more than 50K likes across social media with 100s of “wait.. when does this drop?” comments.

The good news: it’s out. “Don’t Cry” is a look back on previous life events that shaped Eleanor into the person she is today. From battling mental illness and constant identity crisis, she is able to turn to music (both listening & creating) as her ally. The tune is beautifully packaged from front to back – I’m most impressed with her ability to fuse two feelings together into a multi-staged, full listening experience. The first 2 minutes are soft and reflective, which quickly turn into the best kind of hyperpop mayhem.

We got the chance to speak with Eleanor on her musically journey and the full story behind “Don’t Cry”. Yes, she is an artist. However, at the core she is just like the rest of us… a young person trying to figure life out. Her music speaks for itself and her candid openness does as well. Check out the full story below and be sure to check out the “Don’t Cry” music video as well!

What life event inspired you to get into music from the start?

– I was honestly really depressed and anxious as a teenager. I guess I would just say that I didn’t exist at a level of consciousness that was typically happy but rather I felt more isolated and sad. When I was a kid, my response to trauma was to put on headphones and listen to music as loud as possible to kind of “block out the outside world”. I started doing this again when I was a teenager experiencing depressive episodes and I ended up finding so much comfort in the music I listened to, even more so than therapy. I also constantly wrote poetry and started to transform my poems into melodies for songs and found that I could finally say things out loud that I was never even honest with myself about. I grew up feeling scared of my loud, busy brain and when I found music, I not only found an outlet to learn more about myself but also to express who I am to the highest degree. 

What genre do you think you play in the most?

– I love making alternative music. Currently, I’m inspired by sounds that are super experimental but will also always be a sucker for a good indiepop or alternative rock inspired track. 

Can you talk to us about the premise behind “Don’t Cry”?

– I wanted to provide a fun, electric anthem for people to enjoy on the weekend after working hard all week for their kids, jobs, etc. while also commending my mom for the phenomenal job she did raising me. I think being a parent is the most selfless job in the world and a lot of parents don’t want to burden their kids with their own problems. The beginning of the song is about the pain I saw my mom go through all alone while raising four kids. When the song turns hyperpop I sing about parents not getting enough “thank yous” while they give so much so selflessly.

I love that there are almost 2 sides to the song – a dark and brooding few minutes which turns into an energetic hyper-pop piece. What was the thought behind this?

– I’ve always admired songs that make me feel understood when I’m upset as well as records that allow me to let loose; composing ‘Don’t Cry’ was the making of a world that allowed listeners to experience both simultaneously. There are times when I’m manic and need to cry hysterically and then laugh it off. ‘Don’t Cry’ is a sonic safe space for listeners to cry during the first half then wipe their tears and go rave during the latter half. I also have to give so many flowers to producer and solo artist, HARRYWASHERE, who I found on Spotify and am a long time fan of. Harry composed the record from a vision he had about transitioning from a chorus of beautiful harmonies to a hyperpop banger and he executed every second of the production perfectly to achieve that- it was an honor to work with him.

Any upcoming work to expect in the coming months?

– I’m planning on releasing a single every month during 2022 so definitely stay tuned for a new song dropping early May. I’ll also be featured on producer, DXCKLIN’s, EP dropping late May and am stoked to collaborating with a ton of talented artists and producers this year while I experiment with my sound so definitely stay tuned for a ton of new music from me this year.

We’d like to thank Eleanor for taking the time to chat with us – pure music from a pure artist. Be sure to stream “Don’t Cry” and show her some love on the release.