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Though only 18 years of age, Tommy Newport has the sound of an industry veteran.

The Manchester, England native turned pure Americana funk artist is back to deliver his shiny new EP called Liquid. The project is “my take on the sign of the times” says Tommy. With songs like “American Scam,” “Martians,” and “Vanilla & Light” you clearly see his vision. Make your way to the middle of the EP and find a colossal feature from our friends EARTHGANG, who do their thing on Tommy’s hit song “Stargazer”.

Tommy has received recognition and coverage from the likes of Zane Lowe, Complex, PAPER Mag, Pigeons & Planes and many others. Not only that, but he’s also been featured in a variety of television shows, including HBO’s hit TV show Ballers, Netflix’s original series What/If, TBS’ popular TV show Search Party, Amy Schumer’s documentary Expecting Amy, as well as the hit TV show The Sinner. I have a hard time believing he is going to stop there…

“The collection of tunes is unconventional and unique, but incredibly disciplined from start to finish”

Mina Shirazi, Editor

Lets dive deeper on a few tracks from Liquid:

American Scamfavorite track

You get a front row seat to Tommy’s non-traditional, but attracting voice on “American Scam”. I feel like this was the perfect track to kick off the EP; it sets the stage for the rest of the project and “Stargazer” would have been too obvious. My favorite lyric of the whole package comes on this song …”there’s a fire that you didn’t start”. What an uncanny, but accurate way to describe the era we live in.

Stargazer (with EARTHGANG)all around HIT

“Stargazer” has all the elements of a knock-it-out-of-the-park track. I mean… EARTHGANG? What a fantastic feature choice on Tommy’s end. I love how the Atlanta duo pairs next to Tommy’s lilt and accompanying light snare and kick drum. You get Newport on full display, but also see him switch it up with interjecting hip hop stanzas.

Vanilla & Lightmost unique track

You quickly become accustomed to Tommy’s production space – the subtle background tambourine, twinkling piano, and leading guitar rhythms. This track isn’t unique in the sense that he deviates from that recipe. The subject matter is what I’m referring to; Vanilla & Light isn’t about anyone else but himself and the battles he’s faced. Music is his therapy and he uses it wisely. A phenomenally calming track.

As I write this and listen to the project over and over again, I can’t help but think back to how young Tommy is compared to mature his music is. I’m incredibly excited to see how this project continues to fuel his musical journey.

This is not the last you will see Tommy Newports name on Deviate… In the meantime, go stream Liquid and let us know what your favorite track is. Spoiler: it’s hard to choose.