Joji “slips away” for 3 mins and 15 seconds on “Afterthought”, lulling listeners into a drowsy, dream-like state.

My roommate Quan (s/o Quan ) gently reminded me of Joji’s new album, Nectar, and nudged me in the direction of “Afterthought”. It’s since became my favorite track on Joji’s catalog. I’ve also realized it’s one of those songs I play 5 times in a row because I don’t want it to end.

Joji isn’t your average R&B superstar; he first grew his fanbase on the internet as a comedic personality and sketch writer. He slowly transitioned into music and has been at it ever since. With albums and singles topping billboard charts, I’d say that move has worked out pretty well in his favor.

“Afterthought” takes one of the simplest of kick beats, and some background piano to set the stage. Enter joji and his casual, airy tone. Speaking of simple, I read a recent interview with Schön! Magazine where Joji explained he still uses Apple’s production application, Garage Band, to make the majority of his projects. I guess if it aint broke, don’t fix it?

He calls on Auckland vocalist Benee (pronounced “Benny”) for backup. I think she herself has quite the novel sound and adds another layer to the track. There’s also something about “down under” female vocalists that can do no wrong. I would LOVE to see this duo do more together; I think they complement each other’s uniqueness well.

Jojis “Afterthought” is about not getting caught up in the complications of every day life and “staying in the limelight”. My take is that doing so is always easier said than done and wanting to take it easy and stay relaxed is usually an “Afterthought”. A steady reminder to live in the now.

I hope we get to hear some more from Joji in the beginning of the year, but until then take a spin through Nectar and enjoy!