Salem artist Snøw is coined the Lo-Fi king and for good reason. When others shirk in the face of uncertainty and hardships, he uses it to manifest both compelling and catchy tunes.

His recent album “I Smoke to Cope” is case and point, highlighting life’s tricky and confusing ways and finding ways to craft his experiences into music. He’s been no stranger to the limelight either, seeing his single ‘Get You To The Moon’ ft. Kina turn Platinum, receiving a mountain of praise by legend Zane Lowe, and landing on over 20 Spotify editorial playlists including New Music Friday (US & Australia) and many others across Apple Music and Amazon Music. At just over 2.8M monthly listeners, Snøw music has been able to reach a wide array of music lovers alike.

When asked about the project as a whole Snøw had this to say:

In the beginning, it looks like it’s an album about love and heartbreak, but there’s more to it. The album talks a lot about using substances to go through life at a very young age and not being able to stop, despite knowing that it’s not the smartest choice. It’s largely based on my friends’ and my own personal experiences. We have all been through a lot even though we are still very young. In the end, the songs represent a silver lining to anyone listening to them, some of them are heartfelt and sad while some others just encourage you to keep going.”

We’ve been huge fans of the album from start to finish, and I think you’ll find that it resonates with you as well. A big thank you to Snøw for taking the time to chat with us and we can’t wait to watch him continue his reign.

Check out the entire conversation below:

You play heavily in the lo-fi space, but this album shows a slightly different side of you. Explain what it’s like to experiment in different genres?

My ability to be versatile stems from the music I listen to and what influences me as a listener. I feel like being able to do different styles is unique because it allows  the listeners to always be surprised by what I drop.

“I Smoke To Cope” plays on multiple different themes, but one of the recurring narratives was the need for a release. What does music do for you in terms of that “release”

Music helps me to cope and gives me that “release” because it lets me talk about my struggles in a different way. I feel like when I listen to music, I can relate with somebody about the struggles I’m facing. That’s really the vibe I wanna give off with my music.

What song on the project emulates what you were experiencing while making it?

“Smoke Sesh” was a vibe to make, I was literally just hotboxing and wanted to create a song where the listener felt like they were smoking with me while also reflecting. This song was really the headspace I was in during the process of making the album.

Any upcoming work to expect in the coming months or are you taking it easy after this release?

It’s actually been a while since I finished the album, so I’ve just been preparing for the future. My goal is to drop a song a week for a year. If I can continue to drop even after that, I will. But listeners should note that I have so much music that I’m really hyped to drop.

He’s hyped and so are we! Go stream it up and enjoy.