The past few years have been an intense period of experimentation for Australian artist London Topaz.

As he continues to take his production to new musical heights, Topaz’s main goal is to give his fans something fresh. His new tune ‘Drifting’ is the first single to be released in this new wave. As London Topaz puts it himself, “This song really means a lot to me. It was the first song I wrote post pandemic after taking some time away from music and wanted to capture what I had felt over the last few years. The song is about trying to break free of imposter syndrome, but then always drifting back into feelings of inadequacy.”

The highly anticipated single will be accompanied with a unique production style that London Topaz described as being “light and ethereal but also have an uplifting melancholy feel.” The talented artist managed to craft this perfect mix of producing in collaboration with Rromarin at Joyluck Studio, with the heavenly vocals from Blush’ko.

London Topaz’s sound brings together a mix of indie-dance and electro-house music, merging elements from RUFUS DU SOL and Hayden James. His sound is on its way to becoming one of the most versatile and powerful emerging acts on the indie-dance scene. With his plans for the 2023 already in motion, the rising artist has a lot of exciting news lined up for us this year.