Lucas Kuhl

Canadian musician maxime. has made a name for himself within the indie-alt/anti-pop scene, and his latest EP, “mile end (kiss ur friends),” solidifies his place as one of the most exciting acts in the genre. Released on April 14th, 2023, the six-track EP features maxime. as the sole writer, producer, performer, and engineer, showcasing his DIY spirit and talent.

The EP is an entrancing experience that takes listeners on a journey through maxime.’s sonic universe. With woozy synths, grungy, distorted guitar lines, and electronic quirkiness, maxime.’s addictive pop melodies flow effortlessly, providing an honest reflection of the highs and lows of the past few years of his life. He moved from his hometown of Ottawa to the vibrant, culture-infused neighborhood of Mile End in Montreal, which served as inspiration for the EP.

Each track on “mile end (kiss ur friends)” is like a different page pulled from maxime.’s diary, recounting tales of childhood memories, broken relationships, and personal growth. The focus track, “wedgie,” is a standout on the EP, and maxime. describes it as a song that captures the contractionary feeling of personal growth, where you take one step forward and two steps back. While the lyrics may be about a sad experience, the track itself is too fun to be sad while listening to it.

The EP features fan favorites like “mile end” and “vacation,” along with innovative offerings like “mint condition (good as new),” which blends hard-hitting beats with hyper-pop elements, and “cherry stems,” a track that showcases maxime.’s creative versatility and captures a darker feel. The EP is made complete with intoxicating focus track “wedgie” and its complementary outro turned full-length track “demo.”

In addition to the release of “mile end (kiss ur friends),” maxime. also announced his debut headlining North American tour, which is set to take place in July 2023. Fans can expect an exciting live show that will showcase maxime.’s talent and creativity.

And if you’re in Chicago on July 15th, swing by Schubas Tavern to catch maxime. live and in person. Can’t wait and looking forward to it!!