Kyle Stern & Pup

Electronic producer Attom has been an absolute go-to for me on a daily basis. Whether I’m on the bus, cued in at work, or about to hit the hay, Attom’s music is flowing freely.

Attom is home to Iowa City native Kyle Stern who started bedroom producing at a young age and has now blossomed into a nu-disco, ambient regular. After winning 3 remix contests for Parade of Lights, Chromeo, and Odesza, Kyle began picking up steady plays on hit after hit (not to mention a Bonnaroo performance as well).

The track that initially caught my ear was his early 2020 single “Sights” – an incredibly lively and energetic track with angelic vocals laced throughout. However, I want to talk about his newest 4-track project titled Idyll (closely approaching 1M streams already). On the EP are pre-released singles “Idyll”, “Reverie”, “Gradients”, and “Auras”.

Idyll Cover Art

The collective project is more atmospheric than his early work, which was heavily in the nu-disco space. Where I was really impressed was “Auras”, where he shows his layering range. The track moves from slow to fast before you know it and makes it nearly impossible not to bob your head. “Gradients” is another tune that showcases his abilities, sounding directly out of Odesza’s In Return album. His music is versatile, fitting most everyday occasion.

“music really helps me deal with the low times and makes the good times even better, and I’m just trying my best to put music out there that can do the same for you” writes Kyle. I think we all can understand where he’s coming from and hop on that mission.

Go check out Idyll out everywhere now.