This past month the New Zealand indie-electric producer dropped his long-awaited, 10-track album ADOLESCENCE….and boy was it worth the wait.

If you know this publication, you know we are huge Baynk Stans and love just about anything he puts out. However, I think the fact that his music keeps progressing says something about him as an artist: he tries new things and never gets tired of experimenting in the name of music, which I think is pretty cool to see. After I saw the features, I knew it was going to be a hit and sure enough….

I want to talk about my top 3 songs on the album and why I chose them. Because it was NOT easy to do so.


How Does It Feel? (feat. Cosmo’s Midnight)
Alright, it’s Cosmos Midnight for crying out loud, I knew this would be my favorite from the moment I heard they were slated as a feature.
The song starts out with a poppy-hi-hat combo that immediately induces a head-bob, which welcomes Cosmos high-pitched beginning verse. The chorus reads “How does it feel to lose again?” pointing to a[nother] failed relationship. However, it think the upbeat nature of the tune gives us a sign that maybe it was for the best?

Remember (feat. Rainsford)
I have to admit, “Remember” is the only track featured an unfamiliar face, and I’m so glad it did. Rainsford is home to multi-faceted Rainey Qualley who can do just about everything. She graces BAYNK’s “Remember” with her velvet-dressed vocals as she spins a tail of what used to be. This is probably my favorite chorus on the entire project.

1 Chance (feat. DRAMA)
DRAMA also makes an appearance on the heavily-electronic love song “1 Chance”. The Chicago-based duo (S/O Chi Town!) is comprised of producer Na’el Shehade and vocalist Via Rosa who have absolutely blown up in the past few years. Via’s voice fits smoothly over BAYNK’s hypnotic snap and deep bassline 1-2 punch of a beat. Starting as a Disclosure-esque tune, but transitioning into that signature BAYNK sound.