Whether you’re lounging at home or on the go, these tunes will set the mood.

It Could Be Nice – Chet Faker

“It Could Be Nice” is Chet’s newest single, having been released at the end of last year. The Aussie’s hauntingly unique voice and simple, yet gripping sound structure is always a go-to for me. From the time he put out his cover of the Backstreet Boys “No Diggity” in 2011 to now – a lot has changed. However, his mission and raw talent have been constant.

If you’re kickin’ back for the night, this one’s for you. Wavy synths, solemn background vocals, and Chet Faker front and center.

Glide – Mindchatter (DJ Counseling Remix)

“Glide” is originally the brainchild of NYC-based artist Bryce Connolly who goes by the moniker Mindchatter (he also has the best album art of anyone out there – can’t convince me otherwise). That was until Londoner DJ Counselling got ahold of it. What was once a brooding, darkly-lit lo-fi house track is transformed into an angelic, ambient house tune. I have to preface by saying both are extremely good – just different in their own ways.

If you’re walking the streets aimlessly thinking about life, this is for you.

Bon Voyage – Chiiild

If you know me you know I adore Chiiild and his music. I DM’d him on Instagram a few months back and (respectfully) asked when we could expect new Chiiild tunes.. to which he replied “coming soon..”. He sure wasn’t kidding either. The Juno-award winning Canadien singler-songwriter has been sprinkling in singles steadily over the past 3 months and they have ALL been phenomenal. My personal favorite, however, is his November release “Bon Voyage”. It’s deep, reflective, and above all – super catchy.

If you like music in general, this ones for you.