This past week electronic artist shallou put his own spin on Australian artist Vance Joy’s hit song “Clarity” and it’s a certified mood booster.

This duo is a match made in heaven: Vance with his feel-good lyrics and Joe Boston (shallou) with his speciality in making ambient house music for the soul. Pair them together and you have the perfect song to close our the summer season.

Like I’ve mentioned in past shallou features, his edits are much more than meets the eye. Whether it’s a twinkling piano in the background or bringing vocals to the forefront, he knows which levers to pull to give an already good song a facelift.

“I wanted to put a dance spin on such a fun and positive record. I feel like thats the kind of music people need right now, and its great to push my signature Shallou sound into a realm where people can have a good time not just to chill” says Boston.

“Clarity” comes just after shallou dropped his remix to Forester’s “Saint”, which is softer, more synth based, and not as fast-paced. Nonetheless, it’s the perfect vibe.

Check this tune out and let us know what you think!