If you’re like me, you’d have to look up where Kosovo is on a map. However, you’re in luck because I’ll help you out. It’s a small, culture rich Republic right in the center of the Balkans AND it’s home to SYTË (whom you’re about to become acquainted with).

SYTË (“eyes” in Albanian) is Kosovo – NYC’s newest alt-pop/neo soul group, comprised of Nita Kaja, Drin Tashi, Granit Havolli and Fatlind Ferati who all share a love for vibrant sounds and tantalizing art. Since their inception back in 2018, the band has been recognized for creating a completely new sound. Today, they are gracing us with their new tune “Where Did the Love Go”, which is a byproduct of the covid lockdown and wanting to feel a sense of connection to the broader world.

“Where Did the Love Go” takes a simply drum pattern and easy keys to shed light on Kaja’s sultry vocals. The lyrics make perfect sense – “where did the love go… you were supposed to know… the love that helped me grow… I wanted to stay, I wanted to go”. What was once a somewhat connected culture, ripped apart by the happenings of the last 2 years. SYTË is asking the question that’s on everyone’s mind and making it sound pretty damn good.

The group has already got in front of quite the crowds, performing at festivals like Pop Kultur Festival, Localize Festival and Sunny Hill Festival, where they opened for powerhouses like Dua Lipa, Action Bronson and Martin Garrix. They will look to continue on their hot streak in the back half of the year and get back to touring.

SYTË will definitely be on our radar moving forward and they should be on yours as well. Now I’m just waiting for them to come play a Chicago show! Their energy and knack for the abstract would fit quite well in a live setting. I highly recommend listening to “Crystal Floor (Dance)” if you dig this tune. It’s perfectly retro in every way.

Be sure to tune into future releases from the 4-piece and as always, enjoy.