Happy Thanksgiving folks. I thought I’d share with you why I’m thankful for music by running through my top tracks over the past month.

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Kali Uchis – After The Storm (Feat. Tyler, The Creater &
Bootsy Collins)

C’mon….I mean…it’s Kali Uchis and Tyler, The Creator. They would have to TRY to come up with a bad song if that was somehow their goal. This track comes to us off of Kali’s 2018 album, Isolation, along with “Dead To Me” and “Tyrant” with Jorja Smith. In an already stacked album, “After The Storm” breaks through by no mistake, thanks to our friend, Tyler, The Creator. His verse isn’t very long, but it supplements Kali so well.

Hoodboi – Don’t Cry

I had to throw in my favorite soul-house, disco jam, brought to us by the long-time legend himself: Hoodboi. LA-based Roger Schami has been making people groove for decades, but recently he’s been getting “back to his roots” and putting out more soul. Case and point: “Don’t Cry”. Definitely one of my favorite Fool’s Gold Records artists.

Bülow – Puppy Love (Feat. Jimi Somewhere)

German pop prodigy Bülow has been on my most listened to artist list every week for the past 2 months, and I don’t believe that’s going to change. I was between this one and “Not a Love Song,” but “Puppy Love” is less EDM and more teen angst, which IS WHAT THE PEOPLE NEED. Right? Bülow is “popping wheelies on her bike” and “doing something with her life”…it’s too pure and honest not to binge.

Golden Vessel – that’s us (Feat. Rei so La & The Nicholas

There’s a reason I haven’t written anything about Maxwell and the Golden Vessel name. Its the exact same reason I haven’t done anything about Flume, Disclosure, or RAC (you’ll read below). I can’t scratch the surface of of these artist’s talent. Maybe I’ll try one day.

As we may know, Golden Vessel, recently released his album, Colt, which has already received high praises. “that’s us” and “colorado” seem to be my go-tos and that’s mainly due in part by Rei so La and The Nicholas. It’s an upbeat, positive track; Max’s specialty. I look forward to putting this song in your library because it’s that good.

slowthai – ENEMY

This is definitely NOT a Thanksgiving-friendly song… BUT you can go back to listening to ignorant rap music on your drive back from your parents. Slowthai is extra pissed off in “Enemy”, a tune about keeping his name out of your mouth and not getting on his bad side. I don’t know who produced this one, but sheeeeeesh.

RAC – MIA (Feat. Danny Dwyer)

I may have saved the best for last on purpose. Truthfully, I’ve been wanting to do an in-depth album review of BOY for months now…I seriously don’t think I could do it justice. The phrase “album of the year” has been tossed around in my friend group before, and I think I want to formally lock that in. A little salty it didn’t get Grammy nommed, but Andres is no stranger to a win in that category.

My personal favorite from that album changes weekly depending on the mood, but I always find myself coming back to “MIA”. Everything about the track is superbly mellow: the guitar riff, the vocals, and the message. I don’t know much about Danny Dwyer, but he fits RAC’s production perfectly on this one. Sounds like the protagonist is really going through it man.

I hope you enjoy the selection. Have a listen and drop a comment on your favorite out of the bunch!

Happy Thanksgiving,