If you’re into the experimental space of electronic music, boy do I have a treat for you. Hamburg-based electronic artist Alith Berndarn just released a 2-song, electronica-influenced titled “Outside The Box”. The 4th EP in his repertoire, Alith delivers another pristine record.

This aptly-named project traverses the electronic landscape, not truly finding a genre to call home. You’ll find two distinctly different, but structurally similar tracks: ‘Stay’ & ‘When You’re Gone’. Let’s start with ‘Stay’ – more of a serene tune with echoing vocals, glimmering synths, and sounds of nature placed throughout. I love this song because it doesn’t have a drop like traditional electronic music. He’s breaking barriers and I’m here for it. Next we have ‘When You’re Gone” – a faster paced, kick drum-driven tune with futuristic beautiful vocal samples in the background… a true dynamic drum-and-bass record.

Alith had this to say when asked about the project:

“The EP’s notion is about the loss of love and its’ aftermath. We all are struggling with the repercussions of a break-up. It gets trickier when your former partner tries to play around with the situation. You’re wishing that the person stays in your life but also that you can go on. But once the person is completely gone, you’re feeling the impact of the break-up even more. Sometimes you need to act outside the box, outside the usual type of actions you make. Music in that perspective helps you to get your mind clear.”

Alith’s Outside The Box come to us before he releases his long-awaited, larger EP project called Patterns, which we will get to hear this summer. Be sure to tune into this drop and keep an eye out for future Alith music.