Tkay Maidza effortlessly fuses house, R&B, and Hip-hop on “24k”. 

The Zimbabwean-born, Australian-bred Tkay Maidza has been our speakers for quite some time now, beginning with the 2016 house-hit “Down Like This” with Motez. Ever since that record, I’ve been blow away by her ability to dabble in countless other genres without sacrificing her quality of music: not easy I can imagine.

I read up on Tkay a decent amount and her drive to never compromise her core values is nothing short of special (a hilarious case and point is her refusing to get her wisdom teeth out in protest against capitalism.. read from our friends at LadyGunn). Hey focus and determination can easily be translated to her music as well.

I’d like to shed light on her track “24k,” which comes off her highly regarded Last Year Was Weird Vol. 2 EP (if you dig “24k” I recommend this whole EP, specifically “Grasshopper” and “Awake” with Jpegmafi. Truthfully, I’m a huge sucker for any rap lyrics over a glossy, 118-bpm house beat, but Tkay adds her own special flare to it.

“I’m in my element, less is relevant,
on a regimen, to my excellence,
bitch, do not disturb”

An almost Shakespearean way of explaining “look, when I’m in my zone, please leave me alone”. Tkay humbly realizes her potential and hints at her rise to the top. Which… is exactly what is happening as we speak.

Look out for a huge 2021 from Tkay and the rest of her creative team. Enjoy!