Philly-based artist Vince Tobia (aka Villows) specializes in creating a dream-like-state with his music… if that doesn’t sound enticing then I’m not sure what does.

Villows is able to do so by laying in full-range vocals on top of mesmerizing melodies. The end product? A mixture of ambient and exotic house that keeps the listener focused, yet relaxed. His newest tune ‘Lucid’ does not deviate from this – with shadowy, echo-like vocals you’re left grooving and hitting repeat immediately.

When asked about ‘Lucid’, Villows had this to say:
“I’ve been obsessed with lucid dreaming for as long as I can remember, and while they are rare, I’m very fortunate to have had several in my lifetime. Amongst the lure of endless possibilities, it’s quite beautiful to choose to spend this time imagining someone special. It’s really an ultimate act of love, and the true meaning behind this track.”

Well said and on point… take a listen and you’ll agree.

Check out the entire conversation below.

Vince! Great to meet you – I have to say this is the first time I’ve ever chatted music with another “Vince” so super cool.

Always great to meet another Vince! haha

You’re a Philly-based guy… what’s the electronic scene look like there?

The scene’s definitely growing in Philly, but personally I’ve found more of a community online. It’s honestly amazing how music can connect people across the globe, and it’s been great to meet new artists with unique perspectives. 

I read you made a transition from the punk scene to more mellow house space… describe that experience for me.

Yeah it’s been quite a journey! My band split just before I started college, and I took a long break from creating music during that time. Instead, I was absorbing many new genres, attending my first festivals, and just enjoying being a fan. After graduating, it wasn’t long until I stumbled back into it, but my taste had changed drastically. I became inspired by artists such as ODESZA, Petit Biscuit, & Rüfüs Du Sol and really found my groove in the chill house space. I always want to be creating something a bit different, and pushing myself to experiment in new directions.

‘Lucid’ has all the elements of an ambient house track, but I find it interesting that you use the term “surreal house” – is that a self coined term?

Yeah and that term describes it perfectly! I’m pretty much an insomniac, so I do a lot of writing when I should be asleep.  As a result, the tracks have this dream-like, or ‘surreal’ quality.  I’m working hard to improve my sleep habits haha, but my dreams will always inspire me!

The track itself is about lucid dreaming… have you ever had one of them yourself? I have not unfortunately.

I’ve been lucky enough to have a few! I actually put up a poll on instagram the other day, and about 60% of my fans said they’ve had at least one. I was pretty surprised how high that was, but a quick google search confirmed that it’s accurate!

Excited to follow your catalog and new releases. Always welcome to stop by Chicago!

Thanks so much Vince!