ZHU has always kept a silhouette-like persona in the music world. However, the fact that he keeps releasing hit after hit is a testament to how present he truly is.

The Bay-Area native popped on the scene in 2014 after his The Nightday EP. On that EP was “Faded,” which climbed numerous global dance charts and caught the eyes of other top artists. ZHU was able to demonstrate his unique sound and that he was here to stay. I actually vividly remember sitting in my bedroom as a high-schooler, sifting through the day’s tracks on Thissongissick.com. Did I know he would be this big? Probably not. Still neat to think about though.

His sound is definitely not the only unique aspect about him as a producer. ZHU’s early years were fraught with his fans wondering who the heck he was. He made a conscious effort to keep it that way too, in hopes to keep his music at the forefront and not himself. We know have his bio, but his vibe is still one of mystique.

“Only” teleports you to guest list lines and $18 vodkas sodas, but ya know what… I’m pretty ok with it. The entire track is a dim-lit masterpiece, something ZHU is no stranger to.

I think Tinashe fits the song’s dark room, club complexion without fault. Her mesmerizing and defined tone fill the track while not taking away from the sharp bassline. That may have been the most music-reviewer sentence I’ve constructed to date, but if you listen I promise is makes sense.

As soon as you hear the beginning Rhodes piano you know exactly what you’re in for. Shortly followed by “Allllll meeeee, Mama put it onnn meeee,” you as the listener patiently waits for his signature hiccup percussion fx. I do like that ZHU hops on the mic for a few verses, which we’ve been more accompanied too as of late.

He more recently dropped “I admit it” with fast-rising rapper 24kgolden. A completed different vibe than “ONLY” but if you’re looking for a futuristic, bass-heavy (t)rap number look no further. Just about every artists ZHU hand picks is catapulted into fame so look for 24 to keep going.

2020 was riddled with top notch ZHU releases. Expect 2021 to be no different. Turn it up and enjoy!